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reggie_p's Journal

Regina Parsons
16 April
I like to have fun!
'hannah hates pudding', 3-2-1 contact, a tough guy eh, abuse my children, alf, anal rape, animal companions in space, animal liberation, azn responsibility 2002, ban moomintroll, bellow the punch line, bone orchard, boogie, broad daylight, castigated okra, chimpanzee dignity, clive barker, commoners today, danzig, deathrock, dissection, dot com dot bomb, ducks, eating is murder, five more minutes mom, going gonzo, going on patrol, hand cradles, he's not her, henry rollins, hey lets dance, intoxicated mexican women, just a shade british, koreans or pacific islanders, legal briefs, lesbian, liberated handcarts, long lovely cocks, meat ball, meatless, mondo to the max, monkeys, mounties, musky wine, new surfboard, piss on you leeds, rabbit instruction, rum butter, sallow-faced tigers, stepladder association, stepping on ducks, surfing, talk of the town, that's my sister, the late charles laughton, the name jonquil, the only fallible ghost, the suncoast resolution, tubing on tuesdays, turtle soup, wet naps, why so soapy